Degenerative Healing of an ACL Tear – Case 4

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The case reports of ACL natural healing

Patient information:

33 year old, male, Malaysian

On July 21st, 2022, he was playing badminton. When he put his right foot forward to pick up the shuttlecock that was falling in front of him, he fell to his right side. He went to the hospital but was not referred for an MRI immediately. No joint fluid was extracted through knee arthrocentesis. He underwent acupuncture several times and participated in two weeks of physiotherapy, including knee extension. On September 8, he was scanned for the MRI and diagnosed as:

a complete ACL tear
(ruptured at the proximal part, classified as type I, in which the torn ends are facing each other)
MCL sprain
Lateral meniscus tear

Starting September 17, 2022, he engaged in Evo-Devo Exercises with Jun Matsumoto, continuing for three months without wearing a functional knee brace restricting the range of motion. On May 9, 2023, he was scanned for the second MRI.

MRI evaluation:

The torn ACL had degenerated and no clear continuity could be confirmed.

Consideration and reflection:

Even though the type of the ACL tear is easier to heal naturally, the expected healing failed. There are three possible causes. The first was that he did not wear a functional brace. Second, treatment started two months after the injury, which was relatively late. Third, before starting treatment, physical therapy with full knee extension was performed. Based on this failure, future treatment plans will likely be reconsidered.



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