Online Therapy for Natural Healing of ACL Tears

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Reports of Natural Healing of ACL tears

Who can heal naturally from the ACL tear ?

If you have injured your ACL within two months from now, you will heal naturally without surgery with high probability. If it passed more than three months from the injury, it becomes difficult that the torn ACL heals anatomically, but it is still possible that you will recover the normal function of the knee. The most important factor for the satisfactory recovery is to continue the special exercises(evo-devo exercise) everyday at least for three months.

How can you heal from the ACL tear?

Try the Online Session so that we can help you to continue the exercises until you recover satisfactorily. It will take us 6 months until you heal sufficiently. This is a preferable schedule of  the online sessions for the natural healing of ACL tear.

1st month: 4 sessions
2nd-3rd month: 2 sessions per a month
4rd-6th month:1 session per a month
You need to have 10-15 sessions for 6 month for your natural healing.
Each session is about 30 minutes.
The fee for the one session is 50 USD. The total amount for 6 months is 400-600 USD.

If your injury is old and it has passed more than 3 months

You can expect the functional recovery from old injury or complications from operation, you usually need less than 10 sessions. 

It is also preferable that you send me the MRI of your knee before we start the online therapy.  Please send me your information by email, and we can start the sessions through Skype, Zoom, or MS messenger.  I hope that all of you heal naturally and have a happy life.

We are sorry that we can’t offer the free sessions. Thanks for your undestandings.

Jun Matsumoto



After completing the payment, please make the reservation for the online session through this Facebook page.
Evo-Devo Exercises


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