Spontaneous healing of ACL tear – case 1

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It has been considered that healing abilities of ACL is very poor, and actually ruptured ACL barely heal spontaneously. This is a report of a case that a tear of ACL is healing spontaneously by Naturalization Therapy. This therapy is generated from a philosophy that humans’ natural motions are learned in 0-year old age. So, if we lost the function of the knee, we should retrieve it from a beginning.

History of the injury:

  • 34 year old, male
  • Twisted his right knee in skiing

MRI of 3 days after the accident


MRI of 3 month after the accident


MRI of 7 months after the accident


Movie of the physical assessment 7 months after the accident.

MRI indicates:

The ruptured ACL is healing spontaneously, and his physical condition 7 months after the accident is almost normal. He can move and have a daily life without any pain and any disorder. Amazingly, there is no joint laxity in the affected knee. This healing process is still continuing, and I estimate that the process will continue at least for a year. Before deciding an ACL surgery, I strongly suggest you to try a Naturalization Therapy as a primary option.


Contact: Jun Matsumoto, Jun Matsumoto Natural Therapy Office

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