Genesis of Naturalization.

Dear God,

My name is Jun Matsumoto. I am a Japanese therapist, who treats injured people with oriental medicine. My purpose is to lead those people cured completely. I don`’t want them to come back with pain again. My ultimate goal is to cure them with one time treatment, not twice. But, realistically, it is very difficult to be done. I tried manual therapy, electric modalities, massage for a few years, and they got better, but its recuperation was mostly temporal. I use to be disappointed and depressed a lot, a lot, and a lot.
I remembered a phrase of my teacher of medicine, ”People cannot heal on the bed. Bed is the place for death.” That means that we can heal ourselves only by our motion. We are born to move, so our bodies are designed to by God to move. God created humans and animals, but the latter can move without pain nor medicine in nature. Sometimes, they get injured, but they are healed by nature. They don’t get injured just in running. Only humans get injured just in living. We are civilized too much, and we are losing original natural power, aren’t we? I decided to dispose my medical bed and any modalities. I concentrated in treating people only by bodywork exercises. There are many exercises, such as weight training, stretching, yoga, etc. . Those are good, but those concepts are based on adding elements to the bases which we have now. I thought, we need to expand our physical bases themselves. My hypothesis was subtracting all of unnecessary physical motions and habits which we have acquired after we were born. Key word is ”Not adding but subtracting.”

I had an interest in baby’s motion. When we are born, we start to cry. Crying is the start of our life. More crying, we open mouths more. Mouth and nose are vital for our living, because we need air and food. If the range of motion of mouth is wider, we can breathe and eat a lot, I believe. I tried to open my mouth more and more everyday for a few months. My body stared to change dramatically. Breathing got easier and easier. I used to breathe by mouth, but I could start breathing by nose. My allergic dry skin got moistured. My spine got flexible also. I decided to continue baby’s motion at that time.


I started baby’s motion such as rolling over, crawling, and quadruped walking. After one year, I retrieved a natural body and motions. I could run even by barefoot without any pain. My body became so natural and got free from any pain and fatigue.


I named these exercises ‘Naturalization’, which means naturalizing our bodies. I started teaching Naturalization to my patients. As they retrieve natural bodies, their pains disappeared. My dream is almost achieved, because they heal themselves like wild animals. I dream in teaching Naturalization not only to Japanese but also to the people in the world. I will write and speak about Naturalization for you. Someday, we will meet together.

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