Restart your physical life.Think of the babies’ movements based on the evolution theory.

Hello, everybody! Are you doing any workout everyday?

These days, I have an idea,”Do we really need a workout?”

I often go to a zoo,  see the animals there, and admire their natural movements and looking, even though there are not kept in wild environments. Even the animals in zoo are much more natural than us.

Why are we so far from being natural? Why do we have to do workouts just to stay healthy? I have been asking these questions to myself for twenty years. I used to be a gymnastics and fitness instructor before I became a therapist.

Some people say that I am inventing an innovative theory, but that is not true. I just come closer and closer to the laws of the nature. The more I have studied and experienced, the more simple idea has come to my mind.

For the workouts and exercises, I had been using some tools such as balance balls and stretch poles. But, I recently feel something unnatural for using those tools.

According to the evolution theory of Darwin, even which have been controversial in detail, it sounds true that all the living things have their own evolutional histories.

The first ancestors of all the vertebrae animals are fish. So, the ancient fish are our humans’ first ancestors. By the kinesiological meanings, the fish are the genius of the vertebrae movements because the movements of the fish mostly rely on the vertebrae. Their movements are surely vertebrae-centric.

Our second ancestors may be reptiles and amphibians. They have the limbs, but not enough ones like ours. Even their movements are also vertebrae-centric. Can you imagine if we can move quickly on the lands without using limbs as reptiles and amphibians do? They move as they want even on the lands,which require any friction for moving. Their thoraxes are so flexible enough that they can move naturally by the vertebrae-centric movements.

Reptiles evolved to mammals. Mammals started walking on four legs. Some mammals evolved to primates, and some evolved to homo. Homo started walking on two legs. Homo-sapiens are the only homo species who have survived today.

We have almost billions of years history until we became homo-sapiens from fish. All the memories we have experienced during our evolution are memorized in our DNA. But, how do we recall the memories? Is it ever possible?


Yes, it is possible. Not only it is possible, but we automatically recall the memories during baby days.

After the fertilization, the embryo lives in amnion liquid. So, we start our lives in liquids as fish. During the cell-divisions, we stay in the liquid for 10 months. We start learning the physical movements in the liquids.

After the birth, we come out from the liquid, and start moving ourselves on the land. We gradually learn how to move the limbs.

6 months after the birth, we start learn rolling over on the floor. In this stage, we recall the vertebrae-centric movement as fish, which lets us learn how to move the spine.

8 months after the birth, we start crawling to move back and forth. This movement exactly resembles the movement of reptiles. I this stage, we learn how to move scapulae and hip joints.

10 months after the birth, we start crawling like mammals and walk on four legs. In this stage, we learn how to bear our weights by scapulae and pelvis. Finally, we stand by legs and walk on two legs.

We automatically recall the histories of the evolution during baby days. Without recalling those, we cannot develop physically enough to live as homo-sapiens.

We have a textbook inscribed in the DNA, which teaches us how to develop and move naturally. Unfortunately, in modern era, we do not read the text book precisely enough, because our living environments have become so civilized and convenient that babies tend to lack of developmental movements.

If you have any problem on your health, you possibly had not done enough developmental movements during baby days. If you have a problem on your spine, such as low back pain, you possibly had not done the movement of rolling over. I often see the  many people in adults who can not roll over naturally.

If you have a problem on your pelvis, you possibly lacked the time for sitting on the floor, or may had a long time on the baby carriage. Baby carriages let babies pelvis tilting posteriorly. If you have a problem on your hip joints, you possibly lacked the time for crawling.

Those problems are caused by excessively civilized environments, but we live in there. We cannot go back to the ancient era, but, at least we can learn from the histories. It is never too late for anybody, even adults, children, and athletes that we recall our evolutional memories and redo the developmental exercises.

As long as you cannot swim as fast as fish,

as long as you cannot run as fast as cheetah,

as long as you cannot stand as beautifully as flamingo,

it is worth recalling the memories.

Let’s start a wonderful journey of Naturalization!













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