How to make a perfect turn-out in ballet. vol.2

Turn-out is the one of the most important skills in ballet. However, not all dancers can make it. The reason can be found in the the times when you were babies. The primitive exercises during 0-year old develop humans’ body structures and motion. Especially, quadrupped crawling develops the motion of hip joint. Without doing quadrupped crawling enough, the range of motion of hip joint can not developed enough to make a perfect turn-out. It can not be compensated by doing any training after grew up. The only way to compensate that insufficiency is to redo quadrupped  crawling. Naturalization exercises promise us recover our natural bodies and motions.

How to make a perfect turnout in ballet.

Turnout or en dehors is the most important ability in ballet. Many ballet dancers struggle to make it perfect. My invention “Turnout of hands” makes it possible. The is a certain relationship between  hands and hip joints. When hands are turned out, hip joints are also turned  out simultaneously. So, if you have a problem in turnout, I suggest you to try turnout of hands. This innovative exercise will give a hope to all the dancers in the world.