Spontaneous Healing of a Complete ACL Tear – Case 25

ACL Online Therapy for natural healing

ACL tears heal without surgery

Patient information:

44 years old, Male, Japanese
On April 9th,2022, he was practicing Judo and trying to throw the opponent. Then, his left knee was twisted internally, and he collopsed down to the ground. He went to the hospital, and Lackman’s test was positive. When he turned the direction, he had gaving way syndrome. He took the MRI on April 19th, and the diagnosis was:

Complete ACL tear
MCL tear

He didn’t want to have a surgery, and he was searching the alternative treatment. He found the Natural Healing Therapy by Jun Matsumoto, and he started the online therapy with him from May 24th, 2022. He had the weekly sessions with Jun and continued doing the Evo-Devo Exercises for five momths. He took the second MRI on October 18th.

The MRI indicates:

The MRI shows the continuity of the ACL. His doctor diagnosed this case as the spontaneous healing of the ACL tear. There was still some signal intensity on the MCL.

Future prospects and considerations:

Jun Matsumoto allowed him to start doing more intense exercises such as squatting and lunge. On November 17th, he got drunk and twisted the left knee again. he says that it wasn’t a serious inury though. Let’s see and follow his prognosis from now on.



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