Natural Healing of ACL tear 26 – Degenerative healing – case 3

ACL Online Therapy for natural healing

The case reports of ACL natural healing

Patient information:

55 years old, female, Japanese
On March 7th, 2022, she fell in the snow while skiing. And, then her right ski stuck in the snow, and her body was pushed forward. She was immedeately taken to the hospital and scanned for x-ray, but there was no fracture. At that time, the blood and the fluid in the right knee were extracted by the doctor. One week later, she was scanned for MRI, and the diagnosis was:

Complete ACL tear
No other ligament tear
Bone contusion on posterior tibia

On April 18, she started the Evo-Devo Exercises through the online session with Jun Matsumoto. Since the injury, she did not experienced knee giving way. She continued the Evo-Devo EX. for four months, and she took the second MRI.

The second MRI did not show the clear natural healing of the torn ACL even though she did not feel the instability of the knee any more. She continued the exercises and took the third MRI at the different hospital to have more various pictures.

MRI indicates:

The MRI above doesn’t show the clear continuity of the ACL, however, the middle one shows the clear continuity. It is not the clear and beautiful natural healing, but it is sure that the torn ACL acquired the continuity to stabilize the knee. The MRI below is the one of the coronal slices taken on the same day 2022/11/11. It shows that the ACL is morphologically deformed and does not adhere to the original position. That may be the reason why the MRI in sagital plane does not project the clear continuity.

Future prospects and considerations:

Even though the MRI does not show the expected beautiful healing, the torn ACL finally acquired the continuity. She will try the PRP injection to expect the further natural healing. If the platelet contains the self-healing substances, the blood and the fluid in the knee should not be extracted by injection just after the injury. This ridiculous treatment might have interrupted the natural healing. In the functional meaning, her right knee healed well without feeling any instability, and she already has the normal daily activities.

After PRP injections:

She tried the PRP injections for three times and took the MRI again on Aug.31st, 2023. The slight progress of the ACL healing can be seen on the sagittal plane. At this time, Lachman test was performed, and the result was negative. Her prognosis is relatively good, and she is having a normal daily life.


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