ACL Tear No Surgery -case 14

ACL Online Therapy for natural healing

ACL tears heal without surgery

Patient information:

22 years old, male, Japanese
On August 21, 2021, while practicing soccer, he was about to collide with an ally and twisted his left knee when he stepped on with one of his left feet. He underwent a (non-contact) orthopedics and underwent an MRI scan on August 25, and was diagnosed with anterior cruciate ligament rupture.

From October 2, 2021, he started the natural healing therapy with Jun Matsumoto. After continuing exercise therapy based on evolutionary developmental biology called Evo-Devo Exercises for 4 months, a new MRI image was taken.

MRI indicates:

The continuity of the torn anterior cruciate ligament was confirmed, and it was also confirmed that it healed spontaneously. Jun gave him the permission for jogging and strength training and said he could return to sports as soon as he was in good condition.



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