Quick Natural Healing of an ACL partial tear – Healed Case 30

ACL Online Therapy for natural healing

The case reports of ACL natural healing

Patient information:

Japanese, female, 40 years old
On Nov.12th, 2022, she did a jumping kick during kickboxing practice and twisted when she landed on her left foot. She continued her practice for about an hour right after that. She felt her knees give way.

On Nov.21st, she took the first MRI, but the old MRI didn’t show the good resolution for diagnosis. On Dec.6th, she took the second MRI, and it indicates:

Partial tear of ACL

She didn’t feel any problem in having the normal daily activities. She didn’t feel giving way on the knee. However, the injured knee was a bit loose through the anterior drawer test. Therefore, she stopped not only practicing kickboxing but also stopped any other form of exercise. Not only that, but she stopped fully extending her knees.

Starting Dec. 7th, she initiated online therapy with Jun Matsumoto and continued Evo-Devo Exercises for five weeks. On Jan. 16th, 2023, the third MRI scan was performed.

MRI indicates:

The fibers, which had become sagging due to partial rupture, regained their tautness and straightness.

Future Prospects and Considerations:

Despite only five weeks of treatment, her injured anterior cruciate ligament achieved spontaneous healing. The reason was that the anterior cruciate ligament was partially torn, not completely torn. Another reason may be that the injured ligaments were not separated from each other. With proper treatment, patients with partial anterior cruciate ligament rupture are likely to be able to return to normal daily activities or return to sport earlier than cases with complete rupture.



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