ACL Healing without surgery – Healed Case 28

ACL Online Therapy for natural healing

The case reports of ACL natural healing

Patient information:

37 years old, Female, Kazakh living in the U.S.
On February 26th, 2022, he twisted her left knee during skiing. She went through the MRI scan, and the diagnosis was:

Complete ACL tear

According to the Ihara’s classification, this type of ACL tear is classified as disrupted or unclear type. And, this type has been reported as the most difficult type to heal spontaneously.

After the injury, she had been doing some rehabilitation exercises such as strengthening the muscles and 10 min stationary bike under the supervision by a physiotherapist.

On April 29th, she started the Evo-Devo Exercises through the online sessions with Jun Matsumoto, and continued the sessions only for two months. During these months, she stopped doing any strength trainning and focused on the Evo-Devo EXercises. After doing two momths, she started strength training again.

On November 18th, she took the second MRI as poseted below.

MRI indicates:

The MRI shows the clear continuity of the ACL. This healing type can be classified as grade I of the Ihara’s classification, and it is the taut and straight band type of healing.

Future prospects and considerations:

Even though this type of ACL tear has been reported as the most difficult type to heal spontaneously, it has heald upto the best type of healing.



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