Spontaneous Healing of a Complete ACL Rupture even after the meniscus repair surgery– Case 23

ACL Online Therapy for natural healing

ACL tears heal without surgery

Patient information:

59 years old, Male, Japanese
On Dec.28, 2021, he injured his right knee during skiing. On the same day, he was taken to the hospital, and there was no fracture through x-ray. On Jan.13, he was taken to the MRI scanning and diagnoses as:

Complete ACL tear
Buckling of medial meniscus

On Jan.17, he had a surgery for repairing the meniscus, and his knee was immobilized by the cast for three weeks. After the cast was removed, he visited Jun Matsumoto, and he started the Evo-Devo EX. for natural healing of ACL tear. He continued the therapy through face-to-face and online sessions for six months. On August 4, he took the next MRI.

The MRI indicates:

Continuity of ACL fibres

Future prospects and considerations:

In my experience, this is the first case of natural healing of ACL tear after the meniscus repair surgery. I assumed that natural healing would be immpossible, becasue the knee was immobilized for three weeks. Actually, it took a long time to recover the range of motion due to the contracture after the immobilization. Contrary to my assumption, the torn ACL has successfully healed naturally after 6 months of the Evo-Devo EX.. After the natural healing was observed through the second MRI, he started strength trainning as well as Evo-Devo EX. to return to skiing. In October, he already has the normal dialy activities without problem and continues the rehab exercises every day.



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