Non-Surgical Treatment of a Complete ACL Tear – case 16

ACL Online Therapy for natural healing

ACL tears heal without surgery

Patient information:

31 year old, male, Japanese
On September 20th, 2021, he was playing badminton, and when he landed on his left knee from jumping, he twisted it. Two weeks later, he went to the MRI scanning, and the diagnosis was:

Complete ACL tear
Tear of the posterior segment of the Medial Meniscus
Tear of the posterior segment of the Lateral Meniscus

On October 28th,2021, he started the online therapy for the natural healing of the ACL tear with Jun Matsumoto. He continued doing the Evo-Devo Exercises for four months, and he took the next MRIs on February 25,2022.

The MRI report indicates:

Partial ACL tear

By comparing the MRIs of 2021/10/05 and 2022/02/25, the torn ACL starts healing spontaneously and growing intact. The torn ACL is still in healing process. However, the both meniscii tears remain unhealed yet at this moment. Jun Matsumoto ordered him to continue doing he Evo-Devo EX until the continuation of the ACL becomes more firm. The patient recovered the full range of motion of the left knee, and he doesn’t feel any instability of the knee. He can walk normally and have the normal daily activities so far.


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