Natural Healing of ACL tear – case 6


ACL Online Therapy for natural healing

ACL tears heal without surgery

Patient information:

43 year old, male, Italian, living in Italy
On January 10, 2020, he got injured his right knee during playing football.
The MRI pictures were taken on February 27, and the diagnosis was:

Partial tear of ACL
Mild edematous imbibition of the lateral collateral ligament

He started the Online Therapy with Jun Matsumoto from April 30, 2020 and continued Jun’s special rehab exercises for 4 months. It was assumed that the natural healing could not be expected because it had already passed more than three months from the injury. He took the second MRI on September 11th,2020, but at this time, it could not be found that the natural healing was clearly happening, even though he already recovered almost the normal function of the right knee.

He took the third MRI on March 15, 2021. Those show the natural healing of the torn ACL, even though it is not the normal natural healing. It is assumed that some tissue of the torn ACL have been connected to the original position and the other tissue have been connected to the PCL. These kinds of abnormal healing process(connecting to the PCL) have been reported in some research paper. The natural healing of the torn ACL can happen in normal or abnormal way in order to recover its stability. This is the first report of the patient who started the natural therapy for the torn ACL after more than three months from the injury.