A Professional Footballer’s Natural Healing of ACL Tear -case 32

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The case reports of ACL natural healing

Patient Information:

38-year-old male, Japanese

Mechanism of Injury:

On September 11, 2022, during a soccer match, an opponent collided with him from the left. At that time, he twisted his right knee unnaturally when he braced with his right foot. He went to the hospital the same day and had an MRI the next day, receiving the following diagnosis:

ACL tear (mid-section tear with retracted ends (Ihara Classification III)

Post-Injury Progress:

On September 15, he visited another hospital. The Lachman test was positive. On September 19, joint fluid was extracted through joint aspiration. After that, there was no swelling, and the knee could flex up to 90 degrees.

On October 3, he visited our clinic. Lachman test was positive, lever arm test was positive, and pivot shift was negative. He started Evo-Devo exercise therapy and continued it daily at home. Another MRI was performed on October 18.

Natural healing of the torn anterior cruciate ligament was confirmed. He continued the naturalization exercises, and MRIs were performed again on December 15 and January 19 of the following year.

The continuity of the anterior cruciate ligament was sufficiently confirmed, and the looseness was also improved.


The patient was a former top athlete in the Japanese national beach soccer team. He wished to continue playing soccer at a competitive level and frequently had MRI scans to closely monitor the healing process. Despite recommendations for surgery from doctors and all related soccer personnel, he chose natural healing, which was a bold decision. The healing level as per imaging diagnosis was Grade II four months post-injury. Although there were concerns about his return to high-level soccer, he underwent rehabilitation and returned to soccer after several months.



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