Degenerative Healing of an ACL Tear – Case 2

ACL Online Therapy for natural healing

ACL tears heal without surgery

Patient Information and Mechanism of Injury

23 years old, male, Japanese, athlete

On December 3, 2021, he twisted his left knee while practicing for a sport called Kabaddi. On the same day, he underwent an MRI examination at the hospital and was diagnosed as follows:

Complete ACL Tear

The patient was enrolled in the Indian professional league, was told by the physiotherapist of his team that he would be able to return in four weeks, and was undergoing treatment and rehabilitation. Although he returned to practice, the pain did not subside, and while searching for information, he came across the natural healing therapy of Jun Matsumoto, and started online treatment from January 10, 2022. After returning to Japan in February of the same year, he continued to receive face-to-face and online treatments, aiming for natural healing. On March 1, we had his second MRI.

MRI image diagnosis showed a tendency of spontaneous healing, but no clear continuity of the ligament could be confirmed. After returning home, he did not train for competition, only did exercise therapy and waited for his ligaments to heal. On May 19, 2022, his third MRI was performed.

The third MRI scan, much the same as the previous one, showed no clear ligament continuity. A manual examination revealed that the knee joint was less instable, suggesting adhesion of the anterior cruciate ligament stump to the posterior cruciate ligament.

Future prospects and considerations

After that, rehabilitation was continued toward the return to competition, but the patient chose reconstructive surgery because the international competition scheduled to be held in the fall of the same year was postponed for one year.

Although the exact reason for the failure of normal spontaneous healing of the anterior cruciate ligament rupture to occur is unclear, two possible causes are presented. One is the misjudgment of the medical staff of the overseas team of which he was enrolled. Despite the complete rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament, he did not rest from training, aiming to return in four weeks. Second, one week after the start of the Evo-Devo Exercises, his symptoms improved dramatically, so he participated in a practice-level practice, where he collapsed his knees. It may be difficult to get athletes to take a break from practice and concentrate on treatment, but this case made us realize again the difficulties and problems of treating athletes.


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