Spontaneous Healing of a Complete ACL Rupture – Case 17

ACL Online Therapy for natural healing

ACL tears heal without surgery

Patient information:

37 year old, male, Australian living in Austria
He injured left knee while rock climbing on the 3rd November 2021. He fell akwardly from a very low height and his weight went on my knee in a bad direction. Two weeks later, he went to the MRI scanning, and the diagnosis was:

Complete ACL Tear
Medial meniscus tear
Lateral meniscus tear

On December 8th,2021, he started the online therapy for the natural healing of the ACL tear with Jun Matsumoto. He continued doing the Evo-Devo Exercises for four months, and he took the next MRIs on April 25,2022.

The MRI report indicates:

“Regular positioning of the patella in the femoropatellar compartment, the retropetallar cartilage shows a deep cartilage ulceration at the medial facet, which is slightly increasing compared to the previous examination, reaching the cartilage-bone lamella.
The trochlear cartilage is continuous. The medial and lateral retinaculum patellae are unremarkable.

Infrapatellar fat body in regular formation. In the lateral femorotibial compartment ubiquitous cartilage cover, the lateral meniscus shows a circumscribed linearity at the posterior horn IMA 8-27, this was already present in the previous examination, but currently appears somewhat expanded and reaches the tibial meniscus surface.

In the medial femorotibial compartment there is a cartilage cover throughout, the medial meniscus at the posterior horn appears clearly more elevated than in the previous examination, but there is no evidence of a dislocated meniscus fragment.

The posterior cruciate ligament is continuous. After rupture of the anterior cruciate ligament, the latter is still edematised, but individual fibrous strands show signs of continuity.

Significant decrease in knee joint swelling. Angelegte Baker-Zyste. Baker’s cyst in place. Typical flow-void popliteal.”

Future prospects

Even though the meniscus tears still remain unhealed, the torn ACL is successfully healing naturally. Jun Matsumoto ordered him to start strengthening the leg muscles, and agreed to follow-up the further prognosis.


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