Power of Hands

For what do you use your hands? Many people may say, “To catch something, to move something, or to touch something.” Those are not wrong answers. Our civilizations might have been made by our hands, because those motions are so precise and delicate, which differ so much from animals’ hands. Our dexterous hands have been producing skills of artists, craftsmen, and businesspersons, and also influence modes of our lives. I can say that dexterity of hands determines the level of human’s body motions. If you have natural hands, motions of arms and shoulders can be natural. Furthermore, natural hands also influence the motions of lower extremities. Imagine a beautiful ballet dancer. If her hands are not moving naturally, her whole dance may not look elegant. So, what determines the level of hands’ function? My answer is in Naturalization, which is the motor learning process during 0-year age. In quadruped walking, we bear our wights not only on feet, but also hands. Originally, carpal joint is the wight-bearing joint. Development of hands’ functions depend on how much we had borne our weight during baby days.


If we had not born our weights on hands enough, developments of hands would be poor. These influence also the developments of whole body motions.


It is not too late to restart your body.

You can retrieve natural body by Naturalization.


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